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  • Grand Challenge Funds Sign Language Tech Today 9:11 am
    A global prize competition called Sign On For Literacy has awarded five innovators seed funding to develop technology-based solutions that increase access to sign language and improve literacy outcomes among deaf children in "low resource" settings.
  • Report: How to Scale America's Apprenticeships 20-Fold Jul 19, 2018
    A new report proposes the creation of a national network of "apprenticeship institutes" in every state. These centers would act as hubs for employers, workers, high schools, community colleges and unions.
  • District Funds Energy Conservation Program through Savings Jul 18, 2018
    A school district in Oklahoma has just kicked off a project to save $2.5 million in energy costs over five years by applying technology and behavior-based conservation programs.
  • Accessibility in Digital Learning Increasingly Complex Jul 18, 2018
    The Online Learning Consortium has introduced a series of original reports to keep people in education up-to-date on the latest developments in the field of digital learning. The first report covers accessibility and addresses both K-12 and higher...
  • Digital Equity Toolkit Spotlights Tactics to Bridge the Homework Gap Jul 17, 2018
    The "homework gap" hasn't gone away. According to the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), the lack of access to the internet at home continues to put a sizable number of students at a "significant disadvantage."

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  • 4-Part Checklist to Create A Killer Calendar Invite
    If there is anything innovative educators need more of, it’s time. By being as complete and accurate as possible when creating a calendar invite, no one wastes time searching for location or materials. Creating calendar invites is an activit...
  • 5 Awesome Google Docs Add-Ons
    When you think about what Google is doing with their cloud services, it might be one of the most exciting things in technology, and it has a dramatic effect on what schools can use those services for. There are not many companies in the world that...
  • Excellent Tool for Online Collaboration, Brainstorming
    [Solid Platform Lets Kids Produce, Share Websites Safely] PrimaryPadPeer editing a breeze with adequate teacher modeling Pros: Encourages critical thinking and collaboration among young learners. Cons: May be challenging as a learning tool for kid...
  • Amelia Earhart Day
    On 7/24 we celebrate Amelia Earhart Day. The mystique of incredible bravery gives Amelia Earhart a lasting place in history. To this day, her death is unsolved and her character an enigma. This official site includes photos as well as her life sto...
  • Solid Platform Lets Kids Produce, Share Websites Safely
    WeeblyImpressively easy-to-use website-creation tool Pros: Easy to use, and its education dashboard gives teachers access and privacy controls. Cons: Learning value relies heavily on educator input; the site could benefit from some tutorials on de...