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ISTE's member magazine features practical ideas for using today's technology tools to improve teaching and learning, and for integrating technology appropriately into classrooms, curriculum, and administration.
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  • 4-Part Checklist to Create A Killer Calendar Invite by Lisa Nielsen Today 2:00 am
    If there is anything innovative educators need more of, it’s time. By being as complete and accurate as possible when creating a calendar invite, no one wastes time searching for location or materials. Creating calendar invites is an activit...
  • 5 Awesome Google Docs Add-Ons by David Lockhart Today 1:00 am
    When you think about what Google is doing with their cloud services, it might be one of the most exciting things in technology, and it has a dramatic effect on what schools can use those services for. There are not many companies in the world that...
  • Excellent Tool for Online Collaboration, Brainstorming by TL Editors Today 1:00 am
    [Solid Platform Lets Kids Produce, Share Websites Safely] PrimaryPadPeer editing a breeze with adequate teacher modeling Pros: Encourages critical thinking and collaboration among young learners. Cons: May be challenging as a learning tool for kid...
  • Amelia Earhart Day by TL Editors Today 1:00 am
    On 7/24 we celebrate Amelia Earhart Day. The mystique of incredible bravery gives Amelia Earhart a lasting place in history. To this day, her death is unsolved and her character an enigma. This official site includes photos as well as her life sto...
  • Solid Platform Lets Kids Produce, Share Websites Safely by TL Editors Friday
    WeeblyImpressively easy-to-use website-creation tool Pros: Easy to use, and its education dashboard gives teachers access and privacy controls. Cons: Learning value relies heavily on educator input; the site could benefit from some tutorials on de...