Multimedia Support and Resources for Technology Equipment and Resources

Here you will find resources to help and support your classroom multimedia equipment.

Sharp Projector Support


This is the procedure for Sharp projector issues:
1. The school end user must contact the Duval Maintenance team at 904-858-6325,
so that a work ordercan be created.
2. Once the work order has been created, the Duval Maintenance team
will go to the school site and address the issue.
3. What happens if the lamp is blown under the 3000 hours? Duval Maintenance will decide either of the following:
a. Replace the bulb.
b. Take the projector if it is determined that it is a more serious issue than just the lamp.
4. The Duval County Maintenance team will work with Sharp to get any warranty items replaced, so that the teachers can get up and running.
Resources Helpful Resources for your projector User Manual and Literature for the Projector

Avermedia Doc Camera Contact Support


* Avervision Support: E-mail or Call 877-528-7824> Avermedia has a five year warranty on their products. They also have a “live chat” customer support feature on-line. These websites provide user manuals, videos and resources on how to use your document camera. AVervision Resources.
ResourcesAvervision provides videos so you can learn how to use the software for using your document camera. Check it out and then start playing. Avervision Online Software Training.*
AVervision Document Carmera Software Download **
Avervision Software Tutorial* Avervision Webinars - Great way to learn how to use the doc camera.

PolyVision Interactive Whiteboard -

external image RM+Whiteboard.jpg

  • PolyVision Resources- Resources to help you use your Interactive White Board
  • PolyVision video tutorials - Video Tutorials to help you get started.
  • Go to the Video Connecting the TS Series Interactive White Board.
  • PolyVision Wiki- Online resource for teachers to collaborate and share ideas and lessons. This wiki is full of great resources to help you with your Interactive White Board.

Easiteach- Interactive Software
Easiteach Website
Easiteach Resources - Learn how to use this interactive software as a tool with your curriculum. Check out the "How-to" Videos
Easiteach Webinars -Webinars are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Easiteach Training. You will learn what you need to get started and how to register.
Easilearn - You a content portal for RM curriculum software
Florida State Standards Alignment- Easiteach lessons correlated to the Florida Sunshine State Standards

Helpful Tips for Easiteach
How to block auto-updates in Easiteach One nice feature in ETNG is the auto-update function that allows users to download the latest versions of the program. However, some schools don’t like this feature because it can cause a strain on a school’s Internet connection if many teachers all update at the same time. Also, some schools discourage teachers from performing these kinds of updates. Here is a summary of how to block these updates: 1. Go to C:\Program Files\RM\Easiteach Next Generation 2. Open the file: 'LightboxEducation.Easiteach.Shell.exe.config' and change the value of 'EnableUpdateCheck' to 'false'
Easiteach e-Course launched on A free, six-part e-Course for Easiteach Next Generation is now available for customers on The course is designed to give customers helpful activity ideas and tips for making the most of the many tools in ETNG. After a user registers for the course they receive an email once every 5 days for 30 days. Each email introduces the customers to different classroom-ready ideas and provides them with step-by-step instructions for activities such as creating a weather map and collecting statistical data and capturing it in a graphic organizer.

More Ideas for Using the Technology Tools

Internet4Classrooms Interactive Activities "I love using this site! I use all of the interactive games to teach my strategies."(Christine Snyder)
Bitesize Great interactive activities for English, Math and Science
PowerPoint Activities PowerPoint- for all sorts of powerpoints to use.
PowerPoint Games "They have interactive ones that require the kids to press their responses. I also use the "Jeopardy" powerpoint to create games." (Christine Snyder)

Pete's PowerPoint Activities More Interactive activites for students.Gizmo Interactive Simulations for Math and Science
Crickweb - Primary Interactive ResoursesEducational Interactive Resourses for Elementary Students

Quizlet - An awesome site that allows you to create flashcards. It then generates games using the flashcards you have created. Sign up for a free account.
Spelling City - Another excellent site that generates worksheets, games, puzzles, and much more for your spelling terms.

"The reading basal is available on-line so I model my lessons by "writing" in the text. For example, I modeled monitor and clarifying by projecting the basal and then using the pen on the board itself to write my notes in the margin."
(Christine Snyder)

"My students use the board to type in and edit the class newsletter. Using glass mode on the Easiteach program, I post the keyboard and that is how they type their pages." (Christine Snyder)