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Web 2.0 New Tools, New Schools by: Gwen Solomon and Lynne Schrum
Book Study
Reader's Response
Chapter 1 New World, New Web, New Skills

Chapter 2 Students and Learning

Chapter 3 New Tools
Provide web-based tools for teachers & students; Skills & tools are constantly changing & we need to keep up with them; Tools are interactive, used for communication, and allow a community.

Students think, work, and play differently from previous generations. Many teachers/schools have not yet recognized the new ways students communicate and access information over the Internet. Students are strong believers in technology.
Web 2.0 tools change the nature of the Web from distributed to participatory. The Web provides services rather than packaged software. Our students are very much into a world that is collaborative and so they see things a bit differently.
Chapter 4 New Tools in Schools

Chapter 5 Professional Development

Chapter 6 Leadership and New Tools

Chapter 7 Online Safety Security

Chapter 8 Systemic Issues

Chapter 9 New Schools