Wordle: Module 7 standards
Web 2.0 New Tools, New Schools by: Gwen Solomon and Lynne Schrum
Book Study
Reader's Response
Chapter 1 New World, New Web, New Skills

Chapter 2 Students and Learning

Chapter 3 New Tools

Chapter 4 New Tools in Schools

Chapter 5 Professional Development

Chapter 6 Leadership and New Tools

Chapter 7 Online Safety Security

Chapter 8 Systemic Issues

Chapter 9 New Schools
Four A's Text Protocol
Chapter 7

  • The author Assumes that all teachers, administrators, parents, and students understand the extent of copyright laws.
  • ...Agree with giving cyber-awareness survey, importance of educating students on what constitutes stealing
  • ...Argue with only teachers needing to help students use the internet appropriately. Parents need to have knowledge of safe internet use and help their children.
  • ...Aspire to get students their own email addresses, giving them access to programs such as googledocs, wikispaces, and other programs that require email addresses, especially since students don't have access to internet at home.
Chapter 9:
Assumptions: that the world of technology will and needs to continue be integrated into society as well as education

Agree: we agree that [[Long Branch Elementary#|applications]] should be open sourced; that text and applications should be available on-line

Argue: the availability of hardware to all students both in and out of the classroom

[[Long Branch Elementary#|Aspire]]: we want to find a way to enable all learners in and out of the classroom with technology so that all information can be web based
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