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Web 2.0 New Tools, New Schools by: Gwen Solomon and Lynne Schrum
Book Study
Reader's Response
Chapter 1 New World, New Web, New Skills

Chapter 2 Students and Learning

Chapter 3 New Tools
As the world becomes more globalized, technology is the vital and essential medium for communication and collaboration. Web-based tools allow students the ability to create social networks, which allow them to interact, share information, and learn collaboratively. Web 2.0 allows for a shift to a more student-centered classroom.
Chapter 4 New Tools in Schools

Chapter 5 Professional Development

Chapter 6 Leadership and New Tools

Chapter 7 Online Safety Security

Chapter 8 Systemic Issues

Chapter 9 New Schools
Chapter 7: Online security is essential for monitoring and protecting students from potential threats that use of the Internet can present. I agree that acceptable use policies and awareness education programs should be put into practice, however, it should be followed up with some type of blocking to prevent students from accessing harmful websites.

Chapter 8: Technology is accessible to everyone and it creates an excellent communication system for all types of students. Podcasts is an effective method of learning foreign languages or learn other subjects that may be difficult to comprehend. I think that this is an effective way to bridge the communication gaps that exist in the education system.

Chapter 9: Digital textbooks is one of the directions that the new school is heading. We should expect to see a shift toward moving classroom applications and data online, extending the school day for students outside of the classroom.