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InTech Summer Training 2010
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Students Earn Computers for Learning
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Web 2.0 New Tools, New Schools by: Gwen Solomon and Lynne Schrum
Book Study
Reader's Response
Chapter 1 New World, New Web, New Skills

Chapter 2 Students and Learning

Chapter 3 New Tools
edutopia - 2009 a digital odyssey
The Digital Generation Project
Parents can login to computer using student ID number to access grades.
Wordle: FCAT Reference & Research
Chapter 4 New Tools in Schools

Chapter 5 Professional Development

Chapter 6 Leadership and New Tools

Chapter 7 Online Safety Security

Chapter 8 Systemic Issues

Chapter 9 New Schools
Assumptions we had prior to reading chapter 7 are that parents knew that it was their responsibility to guide their children’s use of the net. In fact the schools don’t teach it a lot. It’s a small part of orientation. We agree that we should take more time to stress the importance of proper use of the internet. We argue that parents are the first teachers, not the faculty/staff of the school. We also argue that it’s the parents should know what is going on with their child’s education – including their school related technology use. We aspire to have our students, their parents, and faculty/staff on the same page with regards to internet safety and security.

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