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  • Student Privacy in Surveillance Videos: Standards for Disclosure in Flux Today 9:15 am
    Does giving a parent a copy of a surveillance video showing a school hazing incident involving multiple students violate FERPA? Guidance on the issue has changed.
  • Large District Websites Have 'Extensive Accessibility Issues' Today 8:45 am
    The Bureau of Internet Accessibility (BoIA) recently shared the results of automated tests it ran to check the accessibility of a handful of school websites and found that those tested had "extensive" issues related to accessibility.
  • Print Management Software Updated to Cover Fab Lab Gear Yesterday
    A new version of software intended to help organizations manage all of their printers now connects with specialty services as well, including 3D printers and CNC machines that may be located in maker or fabrication labs. PaperCut MF version 18 inc...
  • Minecraft Chemistry Update Goes Live Wednesday
    Minecraft: Education Edition has received a new resource pack designed to let students learn chemistry within the game itself. Resources also include new lessons and activities, a teacher lab book, a downloadable world and community support.
  • When Do States Share Assessment Data? Wednesday
    Even after moving high-stakes tests online, states for the most part aren't sharing student assessment data with teachers in time for them to make use it.

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  • Striving for Accuracy as a Habit
    Some things in life call for approximations and some call for exact measurements. As adults, we THINK we know the difference between the two, but I’m learning more and more that we really approximate too much. My husband runs Vargo Trained, ...
  • Vernier Kicks Off Its Spring 2018 Data-Collection Workshop Series
    BEAVERTON, Oregon, February 23, 2018 — Vernier Software & Technology will host 21 free hands-on workshops to help science and STEM educators learn how to integrate Vernier data-collection technology—including the new Vernier Go Dir...
  • Multi-Purpose Tool Supports Writing Instruction
    App of the Day picks are selected from the top edtech tools reviewed by Common Sense Education, which helps educators find the best ed-tech tools, learn best practices for teaching with tech, and equip students with the skills they need to use tec...
  • Digital Parenting BINGO
    I’ve spoken with parents from all over the country. One item that constantly comes up is “how do I know what I don’t know?” when it comes to raising kids in the digital age. While I always emphasize that tech or no-tech, pa...
  • Future Ready Schools® Releases New Blended Learning Guide for Districts
    In conjunction with the seventh annual Digital Learning Day, Future Ready Schools (FRS), an initiative of the Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed), released a new guide for school districts interested in using “blended learning” t...