Interactive White Board Activities

Scholastic has many activities you can us on your Interactive Whiteboard.
Learning TodayFree Interactive whiteboard Lessons divided by Grade Levels
Teacher Created Resources- Free acivities to use with your Interactive Whiteboard
Internet4Classrooms - Lesson Plans for Whiteboards

Visit and search for Interactive Whiteboards and you will find so many resources for using IWB in your classroom.
Duval County Public Schools Resources
These resources include interactive activities that work awesome with the Interactive White Board. What a great way to engage your students during a mini-lesson, group or individual instruction.
Destination Success
Compass Odyssey
Gizmos - ExploreLearning
FCAT Explorer
envision Math
PowerPoint Activities and Games
PowerPoint Activities PowerPoint- for all sorts of powerpoints to use.
PowerPoint Games "They have interactive ones that require the kids to press their responses. I also use the "Jeopardy" powerpoint to create games." (Christine Snyder)Pete's PowerPoint Activities More Interactive activites for students.PowerPoint Games– Lots of whole class participation games similar to Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Pyramid Game. Site also has individual game templates similar to small video games, but customizable with your content. All are trademark and copyright clear.
PBS LearningMedia New year, new toolbox: PBS LearningMedia ( offers thousands of curriculum and professional development resources from the best of public media and its partners…for free! The new media-on-demand service is designed specifically for educators and provides a variety of resource types -- videos, interactives, documents, audio and images -- all curriculum-targeted for classroom use. Start searching, saving, organizing today!
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Crickweb - Primary Interactive ResoursesEducational Interactive Resourses for Elementary Students
Thinkfinity has many free educational resources and lesson plans for educators, parents, and students. Here is a link for Thinkfinity Interactive Games and Tools for grades K-12.
Quizlet - An awesome site that allows you to create flashcards. It then generates games using the flashcards you have created. Sign up for a free account.
Spelling City - Another excellent site that generates worksheets, games, puzzles, and much more for your spelling terms.
Bitesize Great interactive activities for English, Math and Science
GoogleEarth (freeware program)
Star Fall Teach children to read with phonics. PreK-2
NCTM -Illuminations Resources for Teaching Math PreK-12
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives PreK-12