Florida Educational Technology Conference 2011


Here are resources we would like to share with you as we learn at the Florida Educational Technology Conference 2011.


Digital Citizenship - Using Technology Appropriately
This website explores Digital Citizenship as concept which helps teachers, technology leaders and parents understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately. Included in this website are resources and publications, and the nine elements of Digital Citizenship.
How to Get Teachers to Adopt Technology: What to Do and What Not to Do!primary_350.jpg


Technology should either 1- enhance learning or 2- save time

1. DON’T *Limit because YOU don’t know! DO: *Remind teachers of their knowledge (you just want to check their knowledge of the concept... if they want to do a video let them!) Tell them they can do a video or... a poster! :) They can do it alone or with a friend.

(lamp commercial- teachers are not the old lamp, but the light!)

2. *DON’T start with standards! *DO show something fun! ( GREAT site: tag galaxy ) Visually compelling to get their attention because they are usually not listening! :)

3. *DON’T sit everyone in the lab for training! *DO allow regular SHORT sharing time. (tables turned on their side and kids writing letters from the trenches during WW1).

4. *DON’T limit technology to labs. *DO show what’s possible with one or two computers in the classroom. Use a wiki to have kids post vidoes about the content and have students respond to a partner. (Nothing is worse than when a teacher reacts crazy when the technology doesn’t work)

5. *DON’T buy expensive software that teachers do not know how to use it! *DO learn what’s freely available. Share pieces of ourselves with this technology

6. *DON’T blanket the campus with expensive hardware. *DO use targeted spending to focus purchases!
Primary Technology: They can do it too! Pre-K - 2nd grade. Great Glogster!! https://primarytechnology.pbworks.com/w/page/32707518/Welcome
DIAL Up the Engagement! Excellent ways to use cell phones in the external image securedownload11.jpgclassroom. http://theinnovativeeducator.blogspot.com/search/label/Cell%20phones%20in%20Education

Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technolgy


The Top 25 New Features in Office 2010


TIM 2.0: Florida's New Technology Integration Matrix


Next Generation of Learners


FETC 2011 VoiceThread:

Turn Up the Volume! You will learn how to successfully and easily incorporate Voice Thread into your lessons.

100+ Free Internet Resources for Real Teachers in Real Classrooms

You will find content focusing on interactive websites that can be used for differentiated instruction, classroom management, learning centers, and teacher tools
Florida Inclusion Network
The Florida Inclusion Network provides learning opportunities, consulation, information and support to educators, families, and community memebers resulting in the inclusion of all students.
View conversation from Twitter about various issues teacher face with technology education.
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