Technology Demonstration Classroom End of Year Procedures

The following recommendations and procedures are provided to guide you through the process of preparing the technology demonstration equipment in your classroom for the summer months and to ensure a smooth opening of 2011-2012 school year.
Equipment Inventory/Preparing Technology Equipment for summer.
  • Teachers should inventory the equipment documenting that is in working order including the document camera, projector, ePad, Bluetooth Dongles (interactive whiteboard and ePad/penpad), interactive whiteboard power supply and Bluetooth, and all cables and remotes for the DVD-VCR, projector, and doc camera.
  • Label the cords that are plugged into the equipment in the cart, such as doc camera and projector cords.
  • Make sure all carts/projectors are shut down and unplugged in case of any power surges over the summer.
  • Check all batteries in the Projector, DVD, and doc camera remotes.
  • You might want to cover the Interactive White Board and the Bluetooth attached to the board during the summer.
Cart Tips
  • Store all equipment, cables, and cords in the cart.
  • Label your cart with the room number and teacher’s name
  • Lock your cart
  • Keep the electronic lock codes in a safe place to be used next year. If your school has many carts you might want to create a spreadsheet with a list of cart codes, room numbers, and teacher names. This list can be kept in the front office.
  • (Note: If the batteries are bad at the start of next year, you can use a 9v (square battery) to override the bad batteries by touching the positive and negative to the terminals on the lock).
  • Maintenance would like for the carts to be stored in a centralized area in the school. They can clean the items inside the cart if needed.
ePad Tips
  • Take the pen batteries out of the pen
  • Disconnect the battery from the pad
Help and Support
  • Contact RM Support for the Demo Classroom Equipment such as the Avervision Doc Camera, Polyvision Board, Epad, and/or Blue Cart issues.
RM Education Support: E-mail ****
  • Contact Duval Maintenance team at 904-6325 for Sharp Projector issues or if you need a new bulb.
  • Go to the Technology Integration Classroom Wiki for more help and support.