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Web 2.0 New Tools, New Schools by: Gwen Solomon and Lynne Schrum
Book Study
Reader's Response
Chapter 1 New World, New Web, New Skills

Chapter 2 Students and Learning

Chapter 3 New Tools
  • How can we help our students with their technology skills to prepare them for technology we don't even know exists!
  • Very interesting to me that the US is in 20th place for braodband penetration.
  • It is interesting how students around the world outperform American students on assessments that measure 21st-century skills. We as teachers need to really integrate technology into the classroom.
  • It's funny how quickly web has changed and it makes me wonder how the internet will be in a couple years.
  • The old way was presentation, the new approach is collaboration. Use a flexible approach.
  • Subject vs. project diven projects
  • Each brain is unique and learns so differently, not just in the classroom but with technology and integration as well.
  • The new cognitive taxonomy
  • All the web technology available is excellent- it will be interesting to see how our students can integrate this into their lives, knowing that they don't have this technology at home.

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Chapter 4 New Tools in Schools

Chapter 5 Professional Development

Chapter 6 Leadership and New Tools

Chapter 7 Online Safety Security

Chapter 8 Systemic Issues

Chapter 9 New Schools