Technology Integration Demonstration Classrooms

Welcome to the Technology Integration Model Classroom Wiki Site. This Wiki is designed to provide a forum for demonstration classrooms, technology integration teams and the technology integration coaching cycle. The purpose of this model is to provide school-based professional development in technology integration to a team of teachers who would serve as your school's Technology Integration Team (TNT). This team would be trained to do the work of STCs and to serve as model classroom teachers and coaches for technology integration.

Components of the Model Classroom

Demonstration Classroom
Technology Integration Teams
Technology Integration Coaching Cycle

Project Focus

Developing Technology Integration Teams to increase the capacity to integrate technology into instructional lessons.
Professional Development/Coaching for Technology Integration
Demonstration Lessons for other Teachers in the school to build teacher capacity to use these tools and technology standards.
Equipping one room with an interactive white board (mounted), video projector, document camera, and an audio enhancement system with DVD tuner to project sound from the teacher laptop and to replace the TV.